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barre filettate

Threaded bars

Threaded bar DIN 975

barra filettata

The range of threaded bars that we supply include ISO metric thread, fine and coarse, and Whitworth.

Bars with lengths 1 - 2 - 3 - 6 mt in several materials such as:

  • 4.8 raw iron and galvanized
  • ASTM A-193 B7
  • inox 304-316
  • in brass
  • C2058
  • AVP (free-cutting leaded steel)
  • C40 6.8

* We also supply special threads on the customer’s design


1 and 2 threat tie-rods

tiranti filettati

The range of 1 and 2 thread tie-rods is realized on customer request, nearly always on a coarse ISO metric thread. The same applies to full threaded tie-rods with a 45°C cut.

Trapezoidal screws

viti trapezie

We supply DIN 103 UNI ISO 2901-2902-2903-2904 normal, fine and coarse trapezoidal screws.

Bar length 1-2-3-6 mt in several materials such as:

  • C15
  • C45
  • inox 304-316

Trapezoidal nuts

chiocciole trapezie

We supply DIN103 UNI ISO 2901-2902-2903-2904 trapezoidal nuts, both fine and coarse.

Geometrical shapes:

  • cylindrical
  • square
  • hexagonal
  • flanges
  • on the customer’s design


  • ISMN
  • ottone
  • 95Mn
  • bronzo B85.5.5.5
  • RG7
  • GcuSn12
  • bronzo lgm d’alluminio

Experience and professionalism are the values needed to be able to supply steel. Rettacciai stands out for bar grinding, cutting to size and the wide range of products in stock.

Warehouse quality:

Contact the company for further information on the quality of the ground bars and on our services!