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Chromium-plated steel

The main applications of chromium-plated steel.

An important feature of chromium-plated steel is its high-dimensional precision in different types of processing.
Because of this quality and corrosion resistance, chromium-plated steel is used in hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical fields, applications where intense strain is expected. Chromium-plated bars are ideal for producing valves for combustion engines, bearings, parts of chemical and thermal plants, hydraulic cylinder pistons and in other fields where it is essential that steel is corrosion resistant and high precision is required.

The possibility to choose.

To meet different production needs, Rettacciai distributes many qualities of this material based on main strengths:

  • C/45 for workability,
  • 20MnV6 for weldability,
  • 42CrMo4 BON for mechanical strength,
  • AISI 303-304-316 for excellent corrosion resistance,
  • CF 53 for hardened/chromium-plated bars, in high pressure works.

Advantages of chromium-plating steel.

Being an iron and carbon alloy, steel can be subject to corrosion and wear over time. Chromium-plating is an antioxidant treatment that prevents rust appearing: the protective film produced by the reaction of the chromium with oxygen, in fact, protects the steel, increases resistance to corrosion and wear, to chemical agents and to impacts during processing; it also makes the material shinier.
When there is a high-chromium content, hot workability does not deteriorate.

Chromium-plated steel available in the company.

Rettacciai provides customers with chromium-plated steel bars as follows:

  • whole,
  • custom-cut,
  • processed as per predefined projects.

During warehouse storage and transport, the chromium-plated rods are protected by a recyclable extruded polypropylene sleeve.

Assistance and consultancy: the experts’ opinion.

The company’s staff is at the customer’s disposal for any consultancy and technical assistance, always ensured by professionals in the steel industry.

Tolerances – geometrical features profilo tondo

C/45 f7 - h7 1/2 da 4 a 12m:1/1000
20MnV6 f7 - h7 1/2 da 13 a 80m:0,5/1000
42CrMo4B f7 - h7 1/2 da 13 a 80m:0,5/1000
AISI 303-304-316 f7 - h7 1/2 da 13 a 80m:0,5/1000
CF 53 f7 - h7 - h6 1/2 da 13 a 80m:0,5/1000

15 - 20 N min 850 - 1000 hv ≤ 0,2 μm 6 mt

Experience and professionalism are the values needed to be able to supply steel. Rettacciai stands out for bar grinding, cutting to size and the wide range of products in stock.

Warehouse quality:

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