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Hardened and Tempered Steel

Quality C45 profili tondo piatto quadrato

Special steel that has a good compromise between strength and toughness. Especially suitable for surface hardening with hardness values in the areas treated with about 57 HRC after distension at 180°C. It is among the most used carbon steels in Europe. It is a steel, mainly intended for tempering treatment, used in the mechanical sector for the construction of shafts, cranks, keys, pins, brackets, tie-rods, axle shafts, etc.

Chemical composition

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo PeS
42÷50 .50÷.80 .15÷.35 - - - P e S ≤.035

Mechanical properties

State Specimen Ømm Re min. N/mm2 Rm N/mm2 A min. % KCU min. J Hardness HB state
Tempered 16 510 730÷870 14 20 Soft annealed ≤235
Tempered 16÷40 460 690÷830 15 17,5 Sothermal annealed 163÷217
Tempered 40÷100 410 640÷780 16 15 Spheroidal annealed ≤188
Normalized 16÷100 335 590÷740 17 - -

Quality 42CrMo4 profilo tondo

Steel with good hardenability, not very sensitive to overheating and not subject to brittleness. It is the most used hardened and tempered steel, for its good resistance, forgeability and workability to machine tools. It is suitable for all hot uses up to a temperature of 500°C as it is cool-flow resistant. It can also be hardened or nitrided on the surface to increase wear resistance and fatigue for pieces that are not subject to too high specific pressure. It is used in the production of gearwheels, shafts and tie-rods.

Chemical composition

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo
.38÷.45 .60÷.90 ≤.40 .90÷1.20 - .15÷.30

Mechanical properties

State Specimen Ømm Re min. N/mm2 Rm N/mm2 A min. % KCU min. J
Tempered ≤16 900 1100÷1300 10 30
Tempered 16÷40 750 1000÷1200 11 35
Tempered 40÷100 650 900÷1100 12 35
Tempered 160÷250 500 750÷900 14 35

Quality 39NiCrMo3 - 39NiCrMo3+Pb profilo tondo

Steel with high mechanical strength, impact and fatigue resistance, excellent hardness, toughness, wear and heat resistance (up to 400°C), insensitive to brittleness, with fair performance at temperatures below 0°C. It is among special steel intended for tempering and is one of the most known used. It is widely used in the automotive, mechanical engineering and aeronautical industries, for its balanced composition, designed to ensure good hardenability for thicknesses up to 100mm and good workability when annealed. It is therefore suitable for pieces that are very stressed, even dynamically to bending, torsion, tensile, fatigue and wear, crushproof under heat treatment, with a surface hardness similar to a hardened layer. The main applications are: general transmission shafts: crankshafts; spindles; axle shafts for vehicles; connecting rods; balance wheels; gear shafts for great power; intake valves; ferrules and tie-rods. We even supply 39NiCrMo3+Pbfor immediate delivery with the addition of lead making it more workable, therefore more suitable for machining for faster chip removal without changing the mechanical properties.

Chemical composition

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo PeS
.38÷.45 .50÷.80 .15÷.40 .60÷1.00 .70÷1.00 .15÷.25 .15÷.25

Mechanical properties

State Specimen Ømm Re min. N/mm2 Rm N/mm2 A min. % KCU min. J Hardness HB state
Tempered 16 785 980÷1180 11 30 Soft annealed ≤240
Tempered 16 735 930÷1130 11 30 Isothermal annealed 180÷240
Tempered 40 685 880÷1080 12 30 Spheroidal annealed ≤206
Tempered 100 635 830÷980 12 30 -
Tempered 160 ≤250 540 740÷880 13 30 -

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